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What Are Frontotemporal Disorders? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Head x-ray, brain in MRI Frontotemporal disorders (FTD), sometimes called frontotemporal dementia, are the result of damage to neurons in the frontal and temporal lobes ...
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4 Tips for People Living With Lewy Body Dementia

Grandfather And Granddaughter Blowing Bubbles On Family Picnic Coping with a diagnosis of Lewy body dementia (LBD) and all that follows can be challenging. Getting support from ...
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8 Frequently Asked Questions About Alzheimer’s Disease

View more Senior Indian Asian People... 1. What is the difference between Alzheimer's disease and dementia? Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia. Dementia is ...
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5 Tests to See How Well You Are Aging 

If we had a pill that accomplished everything that physical activity does for overall health, we would prescribe it for everyone,” says Donald Hensrud, M.D., former ...
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How to Stop Languishing and Start Flourishing

Feeling indifferent and unmotivated? Lethargic and unfocused? You may be languishing. So writes sociologist and Emory University professor emeritus Corey Keyes, whose new book, Languishing: How to ...
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Researchers Are Using AI to Find New Alzheimer’s Risk Factors

Brain experts have a pretty good handle on some of the major risk factors that contribute to Alzheimer’s—from a person's genes to their physical activity ...
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A Simple Blood Test for Alzheimer’s? ‘It’s Not That Far Away’

A blood test that is being used in research studies but is not yet available in doctors’ offices was found to be highly accurate at ...
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Are Your Organs Aging Faster Than You Are?

If the idea of gauging your organ age seems far out, impossible or irrelevant to assess health, consider that you’re probably already doing it without ...
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Dementia Caregiver Support Group & Group Activity for those with Dementia

Join us for a supportive and engaging experience at the Lumina Las Vegas Welcome Center every 4th Saturday (except holidays) from 12pm to 2pm! Lumina hosts two simultaneous groups to cater to caregivers and individuals living with dementia. To RSVP for the event, CLICK HERE.  Event Details  The Caregiver Support Group, led by Linda Loane, […]